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As a personal trainer and a group exercise instructor, I find that attendance dips completely during the school holidays. That's because many of my participants are mums or dads with kids of school age who have to be looked after when term has finished. This means fitness suffers greatly during these periods, much to the frustration of those affected. Many people have told me that there are plenty of things for the kids to do where the parents look on and twiddle their thumbs. And there are plenty of classes for adults but this requires putting the kids into expensive childcare. Adults need to exercise, children need to exercise, so why not do it together? This is where my Circuits Sessions come into force. It's a fantastic bonding experience for parent and child, or perhaps a great opportunity to show who's the strongest and fittest! 

My Circuits Sessions are suitable for adults to come alone, or adults to come along with one to two children aged 7+. The age of 7 is a guide, if your child is under 7 but you think they'll be capable of doing the exercises (or a modified, simpler version) and will enjoy it for an hour, by all means bring them along. 

If you don't have kids, don't be put off. The children will be working at a station with their responsible adult at all times. You'll be paired with another adult and will work out with them. 

Adults £8 per 60 minutes session

Children £3 per 60 minutes session


The Circuits Sessions will be held at 

West Avenue

Whiteley Village


KT12 4EH

Enter West Avenue off Seven Hills Road, the Circuit Sessions will be held on the right hand side shortly after you come in. 

Toilet facilities will be available. The Whiteley Village Café will also be open for refreshments afterwards (opens 11am). 

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What's involved?

There will be 12 workout 'stations', each with a piece of equipment. There will be two adults or one adult with one or two children at each station. I will demonstrate all of the exercises and will provide laminated reminders for each exercise.

Exercises are suitable for all fitness levels and abilities. I will give alternatives if you let me know of something you're unable to do, perhaps because of an injury. The great thing about this circuit session is you work out to the best of your ability. The more effort you put into it, the more you'll get out of it. 

After the demonstrations and a warm up, all of the pairs/trios will take to their first station. The first person will carry out their station's exercise for 30 seconds. Those not exercising at this point may use it for rest or if they want to work out harder, they can do a body-weight exercise prescribed by Me. After 30 seconds, the exercisers will swap. There will be six 30 second intervals at each station. After the six intervals, each pair/trio will move on to the piece of equipment at the next workout station.  

Adults bringing children will work out together at all times. The accompanying adult will be responsible for their child/children. 

The workout stations

These will vary but are likely to include:

-  Battle Ropes

This is a heavy rope anchored around a tree. The exerciser will pick up the ends and beat them up and down to create waves in the rope. For anyone  finding this hard, their workout partner can stand further up the rope to make it shorter, lighter and easier.

- Slam Balls

I have balls of varying weights that when picked up high and slammed onto the ground, do not bounce. The idea is to slam the ball down and pick it back up as many times as you can during your 30 second interval.

- Agility ladder

This is one of those ladders on the floor where you'll need to get your feet moving to tap into each square of the ladder, going up and down as many times as possible in 30 seconds. 

- Step

Step up and down as many times as you can. It's a real leg-burner! For those wanting a harder workout, the step up can become a box jump where you jump two feet together up onto the step. 

- Bungee band

This is great fun. One person has the band around their hips and the other person/people hold on to the ends providing resistance as the exerciser tries to run. This is a favourite with many of my current clients who fondly refer to the exercise as 'horsey'. 

Other stations may involve bands to carry out arm and  shoulder exercises.  

- Weighted bar

There are different weights and different exercises with these bars to suit all abilities. For example, a hard option will be to hold the bar above the head and squat. An easier option is to hold the bar on the shoulders or across the chest and carry out the squat. 

- Dynamax ball

This is a large, soft ball weighing 3kg. Pairs/trios will perform exercises throwing the ball to eachother. 

- Mats

There will be a few stations with mats to work the core and abs and to give the legs a bit of a rest. Exercises may include plank or toe touches. 


The TRX is a suspension trainer which is two straps with handles suspended from a tree. You will take handles and perform an exercise, perhaps a row or a 'rollout' using your own bodyweight as resistance. 

- Jump bar

There will be different height options for the bar. You'll jump over it as many times as you can in 30 seconds.

- Boxing

Boxing is a great way to get the heart rate up. One person in the pair dons the gloves whilst the other uses the pads to shield themself from the punches. This is a firm favourite for many adults and youngsters alike. 

Book your Summer Circuits Session

Send me a message letting me know the day (Monday 10am or Wednesday 9.30am) and date (29th July to 4th September) of the session(s) you would like to book, together the number of adults and children (aged 7+) you are booking for. I will respond asap.

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